110 N Governors Cv Hendersonville, TN | Sold for $935,000

Success Story: After 4 agents and several years trying to sell this property, I met with the owners and showed them the importance of upgrading, staging and great marketing to beat our competition. The home was featured on the Luxury Real Estate Tour of Hendersonville. This lake home sold for $935,000 during the peak of winter.

Seller Testimonial: Kari was initially a pretty face, but within minutes she demonstrated an exceptional degree of insight and wherewithall as to how to get my house moving after being on the market for over two years. Kari delivered on what she said. Within 3 months we had a concete buyer. WOW, I was amazed and truly appreciative. Kari knew how to get things done and price was not the issue. We needed real buyers and Kari delivered.  – Ted Trantum, Financial Advisor

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